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I love to have sex and I prefer to meet guys who love sex as well. Is there an app for older gay male where guys are more like me?

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The responses range from helpful to catty. Scruff is mostly for everyone.

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Growlr has a higher percentage of older gay guys. In my area they are either prostitutes or very shallow and immature.

Grindr is mostly twenty somethings. The math is simple: Both types we know exist. Its just that simple.

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I quit looking a long time ago. There are times in life where you have to accept the situation for what it is. I think its something to be proud of. I just hit 45 and have never had more men under 30 hit on me not my thing but a nice compliment and hit me up on my scruff even though it says I prefer men over I got rid of Grindr years ago because it was too full of men under 30, bitchy queens and really awful treatment of men with HIV.

Used to offend me but now I look at it with amusement. Grindr is what it is and everything you just said. Like you say. Either avoid it or stay and deal. Playing devils advocate though how do you deal with getting up in years and seeing all your peers looking umm…old and decrepit? Like a 70 something is not all of sudden attracted to 70 something guys. Lets face it. But by that logic, Chris, does that mean preteens and teens who date will always be programed to be pedophiles?

Not so, at least for me. If you keep your body in good shape and you look good, your gonna get it.

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During communion no less. Is anyone else sensing the bite of irony in this post appearing on Queerty, of all places? No more than any hot blooded American boy gay or str8. This article is a bit of a downer!

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Dating and hooking up requires a pretty thick skin. I very rarely receive rude comments, but sometimes you get smacked with a block from time to time just for saying hello. It can sting, but you gotta move on. Keep going for what you want, and you may just get it. The only alternative is to give up. I think my age is set for 25 to Before I joined Grindr, i would have never thought to consider hooking up or dating someone that was not traditionally considered age appropriate.


Younger guys make me feel younger, and I feel like I am going through a proper adolescence since I came out so late. They looked good for men their age but made themselves look absolutely pathetic with the obvious dyed hair and earring. When out with your new friend, it might be acceptable to reply to messages that appear on Line or Whatsapp.

But make it quick!

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And responding to business or family-related posts is fine, of course, but skip those chats with friends. This is discrimination. Everyone gets old and no one wants to be excluded just because of age.

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  • Everybody likes it when someone else pays for your tab. And why are older people always the ones to get stuck with it? If both of you feel like moving on to the next step — well, then you can discuss financial issues further. What older guys really want is to be treated like anyone else: More in Culture: